The Cabinet of Curiosities: Season 2 Planned by Netflix?

Le cabinet de curiosités saison 2

This year, the streaming platform with the red logo has done it again by offering horror master services. So Guillermo del Toro is the star of this anthology series that is currently breaking viewership records. The new original creation is the world’s second most-watched series on Netflix. The taste of life “.

Since each chapter is completely independent, it will be very easy Stage Season 2 of Cabinet of Curiosities But this kind of fiction requires a big budget and the return on investment must be substantial to convince American corporate leaders.

We’re revealing all the information we have on the release date of Cabinet of Curiosities Season 2 on Netflix

“Fans of The twilight zone Guillermo del Toro’s new original work might be fun. “Lot 36” and “Mumures” were specifically created by the latter and it turns out that episode 1 was inspired by the story he lived! The master of horror explained thus during an interview that following a misunderstanding, one of his storage boxes containing tons of storyboards was sold.

The streaming company is testing out a new distribution method using this fantastic format of fiction. This is the first time that an original creation will air two episodes a day. It becomes a habit if this distribution method increases the number of views or profits of its original works.

The Cabinet of Curiosities has not yet been renewed for Season 2 But it won’t take long if viewers of the eight episodes are to be trusted. In France, Factions topped the top 10 most watched series in France! We will have to wait a few weeks to find out if a sequel will be ordered. This will allow the streaming platform to analyze its global audience.

What is the release date of CBINET of Curiosities Season 2 on Netflix?

Of course, if the American company decides To present Season 2 of Cabinet of Curiosities to its subscribers, episodes will be released just before Halloween 2023, not before. Anyway, waiting at least a year for production of a new part is fine!

So the release date for Season 2 of Cabinet des Curiosités will be set at the end of October 2023. But be careful because this is just a guess. A streaming platform may decide not to update its original creation. Guillermo Del Toro has also reserved the right to refuse to direct a sequel… Trust us to update this article if there’s anything new!

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