Pixel 7: Advantages of using only 64-bit

Google explains the benefits of dropping support for 32-bit apps on the Pixel 7.

Google Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

There are changes in Android. For the first time on Android, Pixel 7 And Pixel 7 Pro Not compatible with 32-bit applications, so can only run 64-bit applications. A change Apple took in 2017 in iOS 11, but it took time to get on the green side. But what’s the point if not Prevent very old applications from running ? Serban Constantinescu, Product Manager As explained in the Google for Developers article.

Faster, better, stronger

Current processors are designed to run 64-bit applications, allowing them to deliver 25% more performance. Also, 64-bit applications have access to additional registers and instructions that allow them to perform faster than 32-bit applications.

Additionally, removing support for 32-bit applications frees up 150MB of RAM, allowing more applications to run in the background. Security is increased by improving the randomization of the address space system (which protects the operating system).

As you understand, by removing 32-bit compatibility, the Pixel 7 is faster and more secure than with this compatibility.

Even more

And those are just the direct benefits. Serban Constantinescu also notes in his article that there are other indirect benefits. For example, developers of 64-bit applications have access to better tools, especially for detecting memory errors, thus increasing the stability of applications.

Finally, manufacturers will cut some of their tests in half during updates, speeding up the process. Knowing how important updates are on Android, we appreciate the efforts being made in this direction.

This is not the end of 32-bit

While developers are encouraged to focus on 64-bit builds, that doesn’t mean the end of 32-bit on Android. And for good reason: Android Go, an operating system designed for low-powered smartphones, will continue to offer such apps. The Google PlaySo keep on providing it.

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