How to reduce PDF size

Do you have too many PDFs to email? Need to save storage space on your computer or phone? Here’s how to reduce PDF size in seconds.

Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid

A PDF file may need to be compressed before it can be emailed or successfully copied. USB key Almost full. There are many tools available to reduce PDF size. You can use tools like PDFCreator or PDF24Creator available on PC. These are software that offer the best troubleshooting options, but they can also confuse neophytes.

How to reduce size of PDF?

Many people have a simple solution with an online service like SmallPDF, iLovePDF or PDF2go. However, unlike dedicated software, your files never leave your hard drive. These sites ask you to transfer your documents to them. Depending on your sensitivity, you should decide the potential risk. However, the latter is weak and we have chosen here the online compression service provided by Adobe.

Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid
  • We captured a two-page PDF with text and color images weighing 4.8 MB. The site offers three levels of compression High, Average Where Weak.
Source: Yazid Amer – Frandroid
  • Once the file upload is complete, click the button Summarize Located on the right. Processing takes a few seconds or even a few minutes depending on the size of the files and their complexity.

Any compression leads to a deterioration of quality, which should not cause any problems in the “text” document: in the worst case, the characters will be a little less “clean”.

If your PDF has a lot of images, it may look less attractive. So remember to test different compression methods to find the best quality/quantity ratio.

To go further, you can learn Edit and sign PDF on Android or at Merge two pdf files.

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