The iPhone 15 will also mean the disappearance of “real” power and volume control buttons

The iPhone 15 will also mean the disappearance of "real" power and volume control buttons

The iPhone 14, as successful as it is, doesn’t make any design changes when compared to the iPhone 13 and 12. So we expect Apple, which seems to have reached the end of the cycle, to opt for a refreshed design next year. , with its series already known as the iPhone 15.

Researcher Ming Chi Kuo, who is often privy to Cupertino’s little secrets, believes he knows that the iPhone 15, or at least the two high-end models, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, won’t have physical buttons. , thereby adopting an even more refined aesthetic. Instead of traditional keys, Apple will dedicate two “virtual” buttons to adjust the volume and start the smartphones, which will rely on a taptic engine. For those who have used iPhone 7s so far, iPhone 8 Where iPhone SE, get to know the technology: used in their home button, which uses haptic feedback, i.e. a vibrator that simulates a traditional mechanical button click. Guo notes that the classic iPhone 15s will continue their buttons from the iPhone 14s, and predicts that other high-end smartphone manufacturers will also try their hand at “fake” buttons.

Of course if this change is to be confirmed, another attribute is now confirmed a year before the new limit is formalized. Apple has confirmed that the European Commission has verified the obligation of smartphone manufacturers to equip them with a USB-C charging port. Wall Street Journal Its purpose is to comply with European law. Experts in the field like Mark Gurman (Bloomberg) all point out Towards its integration from next-generation smartphonesSo, this means that the iPhone 14 will be the last from the brand to be equipped with a Lightning socket. Except in the fall of 2023, Apple will launch a new generation iPhone SE that will put up a bit of resistance.

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