If I Knew Season 2: Has Netflix Already Planned a Release Date?

si j'avais su saison 2 netflix

After all this time travel, our heroine is now a completely different woman. She recovered well and reunited with her children, thus ending her relationship with Nando. It’s like starting a new life, but this time she doesn’t have to give up her children.

At the end of the first season, Emma seems to have followed Ruben in the desperate hope of getting to know her, but Nando doesn’t fully approve of the split because that guy won’t be spying on Emma… and that’s it – the trio can soon be found. If I Knew Season 2 on Netflix ? We conducted our little investigation!

We are revealing all the information we have on the Season 2 release date if I know it on Netflix

The creator of the series (Ece Yörenç) wanted to give himself the chance to direct a sequel otherwise the outcome would have been completely different. Season 2 can be ordered by Netflix But now it is not yet. The streaming giant hasn’t made any decisions about Emma’s fate, but a sequel is possible since the original creation isn’t classified in the “mini-series” category.

The fictional director (Liliana Pocanegra) is a regular in Colombian telenovelas, which usually have an impressive number of episodes. If Netflix decides to work with the latter, we assume it won’t be for nothing. Anyway, we’ll have to wait a couple of months to find out which streaming platform is the one with the red logo I would have agreed to produce season 2 if I had known

Spanish media seems to be saying that a sequel isn’t in the cards, but the streaming giant only cares about one thing: viewers. If the trio convinces subscribers and settles on the platform of the world’s most watched series: a sequel will definitely be ordered!

I wonder if the season 2 trailer will be online soon?

What is the release date for season 2 if I know it’s on Netflix?

Since this type of romantic comedy doesn’t require years of preparation, look forward to posting future episodes. Thus, six or seven months allow enough time to stage a new set of episodes. Netflix is ​​waiting to decide the fate of our heroes, If I know the release date of season 2 is fixed in September or October 2023.

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