After the Communist leaders, the stars aligned for Xi Jinping

After the Communist leaders, the stars aligned for Xi Jinping

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In China, it’s not just the ruling elite who are showing their loyalty to the Chinese president, who has been reappointed for an unprecedented third term. Since then, artists have followed each other to swear allegiance to the head of state.

With our correspondent in Beijing, Stephen Lagarde

She was lively and active Tiger and Dragon Where The Secret of the Flying Daggers, Zhang Zhiyi wasted no time. The 43-year-old movie star was one of the first to congratulate President Xi Jinping for the third time. The day after the new Standing Committee of the CCP Politburo was appointed, the actress Memoirs of a Geisha Recitation, pink dress and smile on lips, the new cultural gospel according to Xi on China Central Television.

“As a cultural and artistic worker, I truly read and understood President Xi’s needs. In my future works, I will follow President Xi’s instructions and China’s cultural attitude, sing the spirit of this era, and tell the story of China. The best.”

Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 20th CPC Congress had Maoist overtones. “ Put people at the center of creation “Said Chinese Number One. Billionaire artists such as kung-fu superstars Jackie Chan, Jen Zidan (aka Tony Yen) or singer-actor Dong Davy are the chorus of popular culture. Lesson learned well.

“As workers in the arts, we must closely follow the plan laid out by the CCP Central Committee to provide films and series that reflect the spirit of the times and reflect humanity.”

Artists lined up behind ” Revolutionary culture according to the values ​​of socialism ” and this ” Promotion of high quality traditional culture While there were many others, dear to the head of state, in cinema and music Destroyed by censorship and propaganda The Xi Jinping Era.

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