9 Key Steps to Organizing and Sorting Your Interior

9 Key Steps to Organizing and Sorting Your Interior

The intention is not to become an elegant frenzy, but to prevent drift, to get down to the essentials, and thus to feel a sense of accomplishment. Are we trying?

How do we free up time and space for what really matters in our lives? “Living better with less” is the challenge of “internal ecology” created by Marie Cureau in her Instagram account @larrangeuse and in a new book. It is a “disciple”. Marie KondoIndulging in a great cleaning more or less tinged with spirituality feel good? Not really. The question here is to redefine our relationship with matter and to become aware of the exhausting visual and mental pollution caused by accumulation, even for the most orderly of us… How can we achieve this in a few steps?

Mary | Indoor Ecology (@larrangeuse) • Instagram photos and videos

Focus on the essentials

Accept that our brain plays tricks on us. Programmed for thousands of years in “hard hitting” mode, our brains constantly command us to hoard … The world – at least in the West – no longer needs to save …

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