WhatsApp no ​​longer works on my phone, why?

WhatsApp no ​​longer works on my phone, why?

Can’t send or receive messages on WhatsApp anymore? Here are the different possible reasons.

WhatsApp no ​​longer works on my phone, why?

WhatsApp is still there Instant messaging app Most widely used in the world. Billions of people use it to communicate on a daily basis. However, it can happen WhatsApp will no longer work on your smartphone Android or iPhone. There is no reason to panic. The problem may not be with your phone. Here are some situations that justify it WhatsApp will no longer work on your smartphone.

You are not connected to the Internet

The first thing you should check is when WhatsApp doesn’t work on your phoneInternet connection is. You need to make sure that the Wi-Fi you are connected to has A Internet access. If you are using a 4G internet plan, make sure it has not expired.

The best way is to check if you can use other mobile applications like Facebook or not Browse the web. If all this works, the problem lies elsewhere.

Your application has expired

Meta, The WhatsApp is the parent companyUpdates the app frequently to bring it fresh New features or some security patches. So, it is necessary Update your WhatsApp before a certain time. If you don’t do it by the stipulated date, WhatsApp will no longer work on your phone. You must enter Game Store Where AppStore for Update and continue using whatsapp.

Your phone is out of date

When Meta updates its app Safety linksSome operating systems No longer compatible. Mostly it isOlder models iPhone or Android smartphones. But long before the deadline WhatsApp will no longer work on such devices, we publish relevant models on our site. For example here Phones that won’t support WhatsApp in November 2022.

If this is the case with your phone, we recommend changing it. Otherwise you can Keep using WhatsApp By downloading the modified version, if you have an Android phone.

WhatsApp has experienced a global outage

Oh yes! Despite being owned by one of the most powerful tech companies in the world, WhatsApp is not deterred malfunctions. He can walk like that A victim of a global blackoutLike October 25, 2022.

When you fail Send or receive messages, make sure that the previous options are not based on it. So, to confirm that this is indeed a global outage, go ahead twitter.comClick on the search field Hashtags. If it’s a global crash, you should look at the top of the list #WhatsAppDown.

In this case, you have to wait for WhatsApp team to fix the problem. In the meantime, you can continue to use Other instant messaging apps.

You have been hacked

If WhatsApp is not working on your phone, there might be a reason You have been hacked. It’s rare, but it happens. Someone who wants to harm you has gained access to your text messages and taken control of your account. To find out, is he looking at your profile and if no information has been changed, ask relatives. If so, simply restart your account.

Delete the current WhatsApp app on your phone. Install a new one, add your number, Verify and protect your accountTwo-factor authentication.

Your account has been blocked by WhatsApp

This case is rare, but it can happen. WhatsApp reserves the right to block your account When it notices that your activities violate its Terms of Use You are spamming Or Many people have reported your account.

But if you are blocked, you see the message: “This account is not authorized to use WhatsApp. » In this case, what you can do if you think there is an error Request a review of your account. You should see the correct option below the message. Click on it and follow the process.

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