Cats are interested in what their owner has to say

Cats are interested in what their owner has to say

When they hear their owner’s voice, cats are more demonstrative than another human. Credit: Maliflower73 –

Decryption – Although they seem to have nothing to do with this, they are sensitive to the human voice and understand that we are talking to them.

Reclining on the sofa, completely passive, unable to move his ears when you talk to him, your cat doesn’t look like it… but he listens to you. He even listens to what you say. But if someone else spoke to him in the same words, he would not listen. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by ethologist Charlotte de Mousson of the Laboratory of Cognitive and Developmental Ethology (University of Nanterre). Published in the journal Nature Group, Pet Intelligence.

A previously conducted studyIt allowed us to highlight how cat owners changed the way they talked about their pet», the scientist explains. Often, rather than words, the language for cats is characterized by a high-pitched tone and a certain melody, similar to what we talk to children.

Like dogs, cats have a special bond with the humans who care for them on a daily basis.

Charlotte de Mousson, Ethicist at the Cognitive and Developmental Ethology Laboratory (University of Nanterre)

“So we wondered if cats are particularly sensitive to this language…

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