Anti-Semitic comments: Kanye West reportedly lost $2 billion on Thursday

Anti-Semitic comments: Kanye West reportedly lost $2 billion on Thursday

Several personalities and companies have called for the American rapper’s boycott since his controversial comments in early October.


KOn Thursday, October 27, he said he lost $2 billion in a single day, following the American artist’s repeated anti-Semitic comments, which resulted in Adidas, Cape – being withdrawn from the companies. “Lost 2 billion dollars in one day and I’m still alive,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I still love you, God still loves you, it’s not money that defines me, it’s people,” added the rapper, who has been “loved” by nearly 1.5 million people. Ye, also known as Ye, has been cutting deals with major brands for days to show they don’t agree with his anti-Semitic views.

With relations already strained for months, Adidas announced on Tuesday the “immediate end” of its partnership with longtime fashion icon Ye.. “Adidas does not tolerate anti-Semitism or any other form of hate speech,” the German equipment manufacturer justified in a press release. Hours later, a week after fashion house Balenciaga announced its split, American ready-to-wear chain Cape announced a similar decision.

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Suspension on Twitter and Instagram

Published news Kanye West Ari Emanuel, the boss of a Californian show-business agency, appeared to address Thursday on Instagram, calling on all companies that collaborate with him to sever their ties. Kanye West, who says he suffers from bipolar disorder, has been suspended from Twitter after tweeting that he was going to attack Jews in a post that the social network has since removed for violating its rules. And he has been temporarily suspended from Instagram.

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The rapper appeared at a fashion show in Paris in early October wearing a T-shirt with the words “White Lives Matter”. Used by the American far-right, the slogan hijacks the name of the Black Lives Matter movement, which campaigns against racism against African-Americans. On Wednesday, Ye was taken away from the offices of sneaker brand Skechers, the company said.

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