Elon Musk rebranded himself as “Chief Twit” and was pictured at Twitter headquarters with a sink in his hands

Elon Musk rebranded himself as "Chief Twit" and was pictured at Twitter headquarters with a sink in his hands

To put an end to the dispute between him and the leaders of the social network, the billionaire has until Friday to complete the acquisition of the latter.

Elon Musk uploaded a video on Wednesday showing him on the Twitter campus, which he must take over by Friday, and rebranding himself. “Lead Pull” In social network. In the short, the fiery entrepreneur arrives in the reception area of ​​what appears to be the company’s headquarters, sink in hand, beaming. He thus plays on the word “sink” (washbasin) used in the American expression he posted in the message accompanying the video.

“I’m going to Twitter HQ – let me absorb the information!”Where “Let it sink in” In English, he wrote in his account. At his request, the Delaware judge in charge of the case gave Elon Musk until Friday to complete the acquisition, at his request.

The deal’s closing will end a seven-month tussle that has pitted Tesla’s boss against Twitter’s chiefs. In early July, Elon Musk announced that he was relinquishing control of the social network, a decision that Twitter challenged in a Delaware court. He finally changed his mind in early October, promising him a lenient a few days earlier. But Twitter refused to drop its suit and the Chief Justice dismissed the case and asked the parties to settle by October 28.

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