Verified profile, reviewed photo and alert messages

Verified profile, reviewed photo and alert messages

In A blog postLinkedIn is announcing three new features on LinkedIn to help detect fake accounts and prevent fraudulent activity.

1. Display of additional information about profiles

In the “About” section, profiles will now display new information to describe each account’s activity (see image above):

  • Profile creation date,
  • Date of update of profile and contact information;
  • If you have a verified phone number and business address.

This new information aims to reduce the appearance of false profiles on the network and will also be visible from calls and messages in the coming weeks.

2. Advanced analysis of AI-generated profile photos

As for photos of fake profiles on the social network, LinkedIn tells us that image generators based on artificial intelligence produce countless good-quality photos that do not match real people. These real-looking images are constantly being used to create false accounts.

To tackle this phenomenon, LinkedIn is introducing a verification model that makes it possible to authenticate these photos as soon as they are uploaded to see if they were created by AI or not. Site Mission: To succeed in identifying and removing these fake profiles before they reach members.

3. Sending warning messages to warn of potentially dangerous content

Another new feature: the measurement of messages that are considered dangerous and affect your security. From now on, if your interlocutor offers to continue the conversation on another site, you will receive a notification from LinkedIn on your conversation, as it may be a sign of a scam. You can report a suspicious account without notifying your interlocutor.

Here’s what alerts look like in your conversations. © LinkedIn

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