Fez: Record visit to the Regional Exhibition of Social and Solidarity Economy

Fez: Record visit to the Regional Exhibition of Social and Solidarity Economy

The 3rd edition of the Regional Exhibition of Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) in Fez recorded a number of visitors, which exceeded 100,000 people. Participating cooperatives had a turnover of 8 MDH.

Fatim-Zahra Ammor, Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts and Social and Solidarity Economy, closed the 3rd edition of the Regional Fair of Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) in Fez on Monday. This edition allowed 130 Moroccan cooperatives and several foreign cooperatives, representing Palestine, Senegal and France, to exhibit and sell their products in front of more than 100,000 visitors. .

It should be noted that this edition was marked by the strong participation of foreign tourists who came to discover local products, confirming the importance of the sector in promoting tourism products. As a result of the partnership between the Fez-Meknes Region and the Ministry, this 3rd edition is part of the continuity of activities implemented by the Supervisory Authority to strengthen the ecosystem of the SSE sector and intends to connect its efforts with the various regions. partners.

“Our aim is to improve the capacity of regional actors in this sector, enhance the regional wealth of local products and develop a new generation of innovative products that will allow us to position this sector as a pillar of regional development,” notes Fatim. -Sahra Ammor in a press release.

Indeed, this positioning is carried out by the theme of this edition, which revolves around “Social and Solidarity Economy: Pillar of Regional Development and Lever of New Development Model”.

An opening to experiences International
This version of the show is distinguished by the presence of an international cooperation center, which brought together countries that have accumulated centuries of experience in the SSE. Through this cluster, the region stimulated expertise and the foundations of scientific research by welcoming the participating French region (Corsica) through three artisans specializing in Napbiu soap-making, cutlery and Truchon pottery.

Solidarity has prioritized linkages in the development of the sector by welcoming Palestinian and Emirati skills and opening up the African experience of actors in Senegal. Niamat Saleh, a member of the “Hannauna of Palestinian Folk Culture” association, originally from the city of Ramallah, expressed his satisfaction with the level of organization of the exhibition.

According to her, “There is a great similarity between our products and those of the Fez-Meknes region. We feel at home! ” As part of the strengthening of international cooperation, the exhibition was marked by the visit of the head of the Kayolog region of Senegal, particularly the South-South. The meeting between the representatives of the two regions was an opportunity to discuss opportunities for partnership in the field of artisanal skills and SSE.

Note that this edition is characterized by workshops and training sessions for the benefit of participating and non-participating cooperatives and by Moroccan and foreign experts, in line with the Ministry’s efforts to strengthen technical skills, organizational and administrative aspects. of cooperatives. During the meeting, the Minister presented several trophies to the participants including best stand and best product displayed.

Mehdi Idrissi / ECO Inspirations

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