Diamonds reveal the presence of water in the bowels of the Earth

Diamonds reveal the presence of water in the bowels of the Earth

A mineral inclusion composed of ringwoodite, enstatite and ferropericlase. Nathan D. Renfro and Dingting Gu/Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Decryption – Born at a depth of 660 km, a new study has revealed the presence of water in diamonds discovered in the Karoo mine in Botswana.

What is the core of the earth made of? If Jules Verne imagined a vast pit that could hold dinosaurs, we have known for almost three centuries that this was not the case. Earth is a series of rock layers subjected to extremely high pressures and temperatures. It is impossible to dig to know its exact composition: so far the deepest drilling done by men has not exceeded 13 km. But in their research, geologists have valuable allies. Diamonds.

These gemstones are valued for their brilliance at a depth of at least 200 km, where the carbon condenses under enormous compressive forces to form this strong and hard crystal. And when a diamond is formed, it can capture what’s around it. Thanks to the internal movements of the mantle, diamonds take billions of years to rise to the surface. Then they become messengers to us.

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