What is American Football?

What is American Football?

February 2 The Super Bowl is the final game of the American Football Championship in the United States. It’s a phenomenon on American television! Millions of people watch the game every year, often with family or friends. But what are the rules of this American-made football? Watch this video to find out!

What is American Football?

It is a game Collaboration Opposing 2 teams of 11 players each. The purpose of the game Get maximum points In the opposite camp.

American football is the number 1 sport in America. Every year, 111 million people watch its finals on television Super Bowl.

What are the rules of American football?

A team consists of 53 players: 11 attackers, 11 defenders and substitutes. There are players Safeguards, like a helmet with a grill, because it’s a brutal contact sport. The on the ground, with lines every 10 yards, 100 yards long and 2 end zones, each 160 feet wide with a post. A match It takes place in 4 quarters and a half of 15 minutes.

Kick-off, or Kick, the team receiving the ball goes as far up the floor as possible. The Quarter Makes the first forward pass to advance his team in attack to his end zone. The security team must stop this progress.

l’attack 10 yards to advance, 4 downs, actions before the tackle. If she wins, she is entitled to 4 more downs, otherwise the ball goes to the opponent.

To learn how to play, you have to practice!

American football is a Strategy game. Passes are repeated Exercises And the players obey the quarterback. If you are interested, there is French American Football Confederation.

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