To eradicate cockroaches, scientists have developed a laser-equipped robot – Edition du soir Ouest-France

To eradicate cockroaches, scientists have developed a laser-equipped robot - Edition du soir Ouest-France

Is it possible to get rid of cockroaches without pesticides? This is the project of a team of British researchers who recently developed a laser-equipped robot to kill these insects. More ecological than chemicals, this technology can be used in industrial and agricultural sectors in the future.

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The Cockroaches Become more and more stubborn. To eliminate these unpleasant, British scientists Heriot Watt University From Edinburgh, UK, have developed a robot responsible for removing them using a laser that can travel up to 1.2 meters. In a study published in 2019, American academics proved the presence of these insects Developed resistance to pesticidesmaking them almost invincible.

The primary purpose of this new invention is to eliminate pests. “This technology could become a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides.”Assure the project’s scientists, cited by the journal Science, New Scientist . In 2021, Two studies by the National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS) and the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB). Some French rivers showed traces of detergents, pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals. A presence that is particularly harmful to the environment.

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A computer, two cameras and a laser

To work, the laser-equipped robot uses “artificial vision” to spot cockroaches, we learn New Scientist. The device contains a small computer, two cameras and a 1,600 milliwatt laser, explains Futuristic, an English-language information site devoted to science. Using images of 1,000 cockroaches taken under different lighting conditions, British researchers somehow ‘trained’ the device to recognize its target and track the insect’s movement. Advanced technologyOnline media specializing in technology.

At the moment, cockroaches are still too fast for the device. According to Project report, the average speed of a cockroach is 4.8 kmph. Researchers, rather optimistically, say New Scientist That improvements are still possible. The next steps are to target and touch specific areas of the cockroaches’ bodies to ensure they are disabled.

“It won’t be completely safe.”

If the method proves effective, it can be extended and applied to any other type of unwanted pest, in advance Futuristic. “If you can kill themProject Manager Ildar Rakhmadulin said New Scientist, You can kill all parasites”. His team is already testing this technology on hornets, he says Advanced technology.

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The researcher believes that the invention cannot be used for domestic applications if the invention can appeal to the masses. “It’s not completely safe, lasers can cause serious eye damage”, he assured the magazine. So, while equipping your living room with a laser robot is impossible for now, this technology will greatly impact the industrial and agricultural sectors.

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