Here are some fancy photos taken with its one-inch sensor

Here are some fancy photos taken with its one-inch sensor

The Vivo X90 Pro and Vivo X90 are yet to be unveiled by the Chinese brand. For now, she is satisfied with showing the pictures taken with the device. This is reassuring!

Vivo X80 Pro benefits from Zeiss expertise in photography // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

live We were very excited to be with him X80 Pro So we patiently wait for news of future X90s. Precisely, Vivo and Zeiss, its optical partner, organized a small teaser to highlight the qualities of this futuristic series. Premium smartphones. If we can’t see the design or even a hint of a technical sheet yet, Vivo has at least confirmed the presence of an inch-type sensor, the Isocell CNG. about this.

Let’s start with the main sensor’s shots in uncomplicated situations, although some shots use HDR quite a bit.

Honestly, there’s not much to take away from these scenes. They can get a natural look. Obviously be careful, these are photos provided by the brand, and they are supposed to be “correct”.

Also, we can observe many different scenes. When taking images of moving water, the algorithm provides a relatively low level of detail. It looks like the graphics of a PS3 era video game.

Good color stability

Vivo X90s will benefit from a new technology called Very clear image quality machine. it is a “A Super-Resolution Algorithm Using a Virtual Model of a Lens to Recover About 35% of Information Lost Due to Optical Defects”. We’re not far from super-res zoom Pixel 7, but here, algorithmic correction looks at all the scenes with the aim of improving the overall image quality. Here’s a look at the ultra-wide angle (optical), the main sensor (optical) and the difference between the two zoom levels: X2 and X3.5 (one of the two doesn’t appear to be a digital zoom).

For night mode shots, the maximum ISO has been increased to 102,400. According to Vivo, this will allow you to capture a photo in the middle of the night without resorting to a long exposure or support. To see if this doesn’t add too much noise to the photo, as increasing the ISO usually equates to this. You can see the result below in this comparison between the Vivo X90 on the left and an unnamed competitor model (the worst) on the right.

Under the hood, there will also be a new ISP, likely next to the V1 found on the X80 Pro. This should be particularly useful in video, as it can take advantage of an integrated SRAM, thus reducing processing latency and device consumption.

At this point, we still don’t know when the X90s will be released or announced. Also note that the Vivo X70 has not been released in France.

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