An oversight from a supplier heralds a major change in vehicles

An oversight from a supplier heralds a major change in vehicles

New Teslas lose ultrasonic sensors but gain more capable cameras. Looking for a more efficient autopilot?

Tesla Model Y performance
Tesla Model Y Performance // Source: Frandroid

After making noise following Removing ultrasonic sensors from its vehiclesTesla has begun tweaking its cars’ cameras and improving the popular “Tesla Vision,” which controls the marque’s Autopilot.

A supplier has spilled the beans: new cameras are out

Currently in production since mid-2019, Tesla’s “Hardware 3” relies on a suite of cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar and a fully autonomous driving computer.

As we mentioned, the ultrasonic sensors were recently removed, and if we are to believe the latest information from China, it looks like we are entering the “Hardware 4” era.

Tesla’s Autopilot no longer relies solely on cameras // Source: Tesla

In fact, an equipment manufacturer recently shared information that new cameras equipped with a 5-megapixel sensor are in production for the European and American markets, the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y, and for Asia. Markets other than China. We reported that last June Samsung will supply these cameras to Tesla soonThat seems to be true today.

During the glorious period 2021 is the day of AI, Elon Musk announced that the current set of hardware will not be sufficient to achieve fully autonomous driving without supervision, and that the company is already working on its next version. It seems Hardware 4Currently in production with newer, more powerful cameras.

It remains to be seen whether the performance of these cameras in particular will be there Autonomous driving, which lags behind Tesla. If the positioning of the cameras doesn’t move, some see a hope in it 360 degree view, still missing something Vehicles from Elon Musk’s company over the years.

Being ahead of many manufacturers in terms of autonomous driving, Teslas are sometimes presented as vehicles with more capabilities than they are actually capable of.
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