Up to 28 degrees expected in Var: Here’s the weather forecast for the week

Up to 28 degrees expected in Var: Here's the weather forecast for the week


During the week, the sky will be cloudy throughout the day. Temperatures are mild to very hot during the season, with a maximum of 26 degrees at Brignoles. In coastal areas, the average temperature is around 25 degrees.


On the coasts, the few clouds present dissipate as the afternoon progresses, giving way to a radiant sun. Summer temperatures of 28 degrees are to be reached in Luc and Traguinon. On the coast, we’ll reach 27 degrees in Saint-Tropez.


By mid-week, temperatures will be more moderate with low heat ranges between morning and afternoon. A high of 26 degrees is expected in Puget-Ville. However, the sky will remain partly cloudy throughout the day.


According to Météo France forecasts, skies will be mostly cloudy in the morning along the coast and across the southern part of the department. Skies will be clear in the afternoon, with bright sun inland and partly cloudy skies on the seaward side. Barjoles recorded a maximum temperature of 27 degrees.


Météo France is forecasting bright sunshine and clear skies across the sector for the day leading up to the weekend. In the afternoon, temperatures can reach 27 degrees, especially in Puget-Théniers and Luc. On the coast, we stay at an average of 25 degrees.

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