MPs have already been criticized for switching operator and Bouygues Telecom

MPs have already been criticized for switching operator and Bouygues Telecom
Blink: representatives are changing the operator and Bouygues Telecom has already been criticized

The move from Orange to Bouygues Telecom is not a good idea, according to some MPs.

You might not know this, but MPs don’t choose their own phone plan. Since 2012, the National Assembly has been responsible for subscribing to them through tender calls. Until now, it was the Orange operator who looked after elected officials, but that changed as of this summer.

In fact, after a new call for tenders, the Bouygues Telecom contract was valued at 8.3 million euros. Letter a. However, not everything went as planned. For example, Fabian Roussel, the Communist deputy of the North, wrote to his new operator to point out various problems, especially the three-month outage and the many interventions in his perpetuity. He explained that he had not been informed of the operator change, and that Bouygues Telecom would have alerted him to the ill-fated email address.

He’s not the only one complaining about the Bouygues subsidiary. Several representatives, including the National Assembly, also condemned the decline in quality in terms of network coverage. As a reminder, the call for tenders launched 10 years ago, “If he proposes to improve the coverage in the permanent premises through the method of restoring the signal in fixed Internet access“. Is it like this now?

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