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Renault’s stand at the 2022 Paris Motor Show isn’t just about cars. French manufacturer Renault is releasing its personal assistant for its new electric cars and a dedicated app, which is set to be released on iOS and Android. The ideal? Provide access to exclusive content, benefits, but also support the driver and passenger during their journey.

Renault has developed the Renault Personal Assistant within the framework of a multi-year agreement signed with the American firm Serens. The system was developed by Luke Julia, co-creator of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Described as an “Avatar”, Renault is above all a true co-pilot who wants to revolutionize the “digital experience” in vehicles manufactured by the Diamond brand.

What are the features of Reno?

Described as a humanized co-pilot, Renault aims to make the digital experience more immersive in Renault vehicles. For example, it can present the functions of the vehicle if necessary, but according to the words of the manufacturer, “use the various possibilities for charging electric vehicles”. Renault also claims that Renault can recommend functions such as adjusting the cabin temperature or “the right driving mode at the right time”. However, nothing is imposed and the choice is always left to the driver.

What makes Renault smart?

With a true cloud-based brain, the Reno Personal Assistant can learn from being used. According to the manufacturer, this learning is done continuously because Reno collects data from its user. In this way, he can better anticipate the needs of the latter and respond to them appropriately. “We wanted it to be as human as possible,” explains Luc Julia, now Renault’s scientific director.

Is Reno just a voice assistant?

No, the Reno personal assistant also makes an appearance. It was formed by a small avatar in the form of gold and purple diamonds. This funny little character has no arms, but has hands like Ramon. “It was important to create Reno with a visual component, so that users have a relationship with this avatar,” explains Luke Julia.

How to activate Reno?

To activate Reno listening, say the words “Hey Reno” into the car’s cabin, as Renault boss Luca de Meo demonstrated during a Paris Motor Show 2022 press conference. Mercedes”, or even Apple with the famous “Hey Siri”.

When will Renault be available and in which cars?

It is not known at the time of writing which vehicles the Renault will be available in exactly. But according to the brand, this avatar should be embedded in the OpenR Link infotainment system in Renault electric cars sold from 2024 onwards. So the future electric R5 and electric 4L should logically be equipped with it.

In short

It is a small golden diamond, without hands but with arms, always smiling. Renault is the new virtual avatar that Renault will install on its electric cars from 2024. This personal and voice assistant is packed with features and fully listens to the responses of the occupants of the cars.

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