Instant Read: A Touchdown in Europe, History of American Football on the Old Continent

Instant Read: A Touchdown in Europe, History of American Football on the Old Continent


The literary landscape devoted to American football is not vast, but it has a newcomer. For a few weeks, “Touchdown in Europe: How American Football Came to the Old Continent” Especially on Amazon.

Delve into the pages of this book in English as you wish to discover the beginnings of the laced oval ball on the Old Continent.

Long live France!

Did you know that the first game in American football history in Europe was in France? It was November 25, 1897 in Levallois, Thanksgiving Day. We owe it primarily to American students.

This is the kind of information this book provides, and it certainly required a titanic amount of research. For example, the episode of the first tournament in France is illustrated by newspaper articles of the time. And the whole book is very well documented.

An encyclopedia

Well-written, “Touchdown in Europe” unfolds its story chronologically without skimping on detail. Sometimes, and it is necessary, world events intersect with the destiny of the ball. Some encounters are summarized in more detail.

This book is aimed at an audience already awake to American football who wants to round out their knowledge of its origins on our side of the Atlantic. Achieving it is not always easy, but it is exciting and instructive.


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