Disneyland Paris annual pass holders were outraged

Disneyland Paris annual pass holders were outraged

These amusement park customers gathered in front of the park on Saturday and demanded the cancellation of annual pass bookings.

“Places for Passes”. Annual Disney Pass holders protested in front of the amusement park in Seine-et-Marne on Saturday. They wanted to express their displeasure with the reservation system for access to the park, referring to the movement of yellow vests with yellow ears.

“A Good Scam”

According to them, their “Annual Infinity Pass” at €499 no longer allows them to access the park as they wish. For good reason, since the beginning of the health crisis and in accordance with the measures, the booking is done through a platform. If the readings are raised gradually, the system will be maintained for a certain number of days.

“A good scam, paying for passports and ultimately not knowing how to access the parks on the day you want,” one subscriber fumed. Facebook group Dedicated to Available seats are already scheduled before we book.

On the other hand, this same subscriber noticed that there were still entries if he had booked a Disney hotel or purchased a regular spot.

“End of Bookings for Annual Passes”

If most don’t want to cancel their subscription, they say “End of Reservations for Annual Pass”. Parisian Another customer, Claire, mentions that she contacted the Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF).

The latter replied, “Conditions for access should have been specified at the time of subscription. Restrictions like pre-registration may apply but prioritization of the day may be unfair business practice, for which agents of DGCCRF are entitled. Inquiry”.

The same problem was noted in the US, where pass holders also sued the park.

For his part, we were contacted by our colleagues Parisian, the US company declined to comment. According to him, between this weekend and March 31, or 162 days, only about twenty dates are inaccessible.

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