Vote for the location of future superchargers

Vote for the location of future superchargers

Tesla has introduced a new participation system. The company’s customers can vote for the location of future superchargers from an already installed list. But the American company goes even further.

Strength is one You are hereA network of high-speed charging stations for electric cars is popular Superchargers. Its network is very extensive, with more than 35,000 terminals worldwide, including more than 10,000 terminals in Europe. Previously, superchargers were reserved for Tesla owners, but that is no longer the case. In Europe, A pilot program gives all electric car drivers access to 320 charging stations (4,600 superchargers, including 780 in France).

A participatory system in the form of voting

To continue its expansion, Tesla is inviting its customers, Through a dedicated space on the manufacturer’s website. This place is called Vote to install superchargers ยป Allows anyone with a Tesla account to vote for future Supercharger locations. In detail, the brand can vote for five different locations from the proposed list. The counter returns to zero after three months, and then Tesla issues a new list.

As shown in the catalog diagram, the system is very well designed. You can vote for Supercharger in any country. A ranking will appear to consult further ” Most requested places Globally, but also regionally (North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific).

For now, in Europe, the first French supercharger will have to wait for the 15th place to appear: La Rochelle with 959 votes. It is also interesting to see the votes directly on the map. In France, for example, Mont-de-Marsan is third with 906 votes, just behind Belfort with 947 votes.

Propose future superchargers for future circuits

Another feature that Tesla offers is the ability to deliver ” Venue for the next round of polling“. As a reminder, each round of voting lasts three months. This participation system is smart from Tesla. We know that the company uses data from millions of cars already in circulation to know the charging needs of its cars and to plan the installations of future charging stations.

This new system adds more nuance to the process by collecting user feedback directly. A good way to stay ahead The main fast charging challenge in Europe: Ionity.

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