Festival de Fès de la Culture soufie

Inaugurated by Michael Barry

The Fez Festival Association of Sufi Culture begins the fifteenth edition of its festival, this Saturday, October 22, with an opening conference by Michael Barry, entitled “The Future of Islamic Art”, and at the Medersa Bou Inania.

This Saturday, October 22, Medersa Bou Inania is meeting with Michael Barry, who will hold an inaugural conference titled “The Future of Islamic Art.” The meeting will be followed at 4pm by the opening of Louis Cara’s exhibition “The Gods of the Awakened” at Center Les Étoiles, which will bring his vision of the traditional Sufi exchange of divine and prophetic visitation. By code or “kirga”. It is punctuated directly by Indian Khwaja Ameer’s “Listen to the Airplane…” sitar concerto. The opening production is set in the Indian Mughal court, where masters of Hindustani music from northern India, Sufi qawwali singers and Kathak dancers will highlight a 17th-century Indian Sufi prince from Tara Shikho and his deeds of patronage. A fruitful coexistence of religions.

The second day of the festival will be dedicated to a master class, at 3:00 p.m. in the Scheherazade Palace, “Al Matruz, Pictorial Works, Judeo-Arabic-Andalusian Hymns” by Francois Adlon.
This October 23rd, in the same place of the palace, at 4 pm, a round table is planned on “Science and Conscience” or scientists in search of meaning. A great show for the first weekend of this fifteenth festival which continues till October 29.
Dedicated this year to the late Sharif Moulay Abdellah Owassani, the festival continues its inaugural journey in the breath of transmission of Sufism’s cultural heritage. Around 200 spiritual artists and singers from Morocco and around the world (India, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kosovo, Syria, France, Persia) present a lively and inspiring interpretation while preserving the traditions of Sufist music. Perpetuate this culture and share it with a wider audience.

The program runs from October 24 to 29
Monday, October 24:
• 10 am: Round Table: “Spiritual Alchemy in the Greatest Works of Sufism” (Mederza Bou Inania).
• 2.30 pm: Round Table: “Philosophy (Falsafa) and Spirituality: Al Ghazali, Averroes to Iqbal” (Palais Faraj).
• 4.30 pm: Hindustani music from North India by sitar master Ustad Shakir Khan and his band (Palais Faraj).

Tuesday, October 25:
• 10 am: Round Table: “Science and Sacred Scriptures” (Mederza Bou Inania).
• 3pm: Ziara at Zoua Tidjania.
5.30 pm

Wednesday, October 26
• 10 am: Roundtable: “Integrating Science and Awareness in Education”, with Science Go Arab World.
• 5 pm: Round Table: “The Futuuvah: Craftsmanship and Self-Realization” (Mederza Bou Inania).

Thursday, October 27
• 10 a.m.: Round Table: “Science and Science inspired by Sufism” (Mederza Bou Inania).
• 3 pm: Master class by Leili Anwar: “Initiation through the Arts according to Nizami’s Khusro and Shir” (Jana Spill Park).
• 4 pm: Round Table: “The Prophecy of Bees or Spiritual Ecology” (Park Gnan Spil).

Friday, October 28
• 10 a.m. Roundtable: “Science and Religions: Selected Interactions?” Writings and Spirituals, Artisans of Peace – (Wisdom Spill Park).
• 3pm: “Seven Sleepers – Breton Christian Hymns and Sufi Hymns”. In honor of brother Jean-Pierre Schumacher – with Christian Rivolen and Abdelkader Gait – (Park Gnan Spill).
• 4 pm: Round Table: “Islamo-Christian Pilgrimage of 7 Saints” (France) – (Park Gnan Spill).

Saturday 29 October
• 10 a.m.: Collection of Round Tables and General Conclusion (Mederza Bou Inania).
• 3:30 pm: Kabir Helminski’s master class: “Rumi, meditation and communion with God” (Centre les Etoiles de Fes).
• 5 pm: Closing of the exhibition: “Painting through dhikr, literary meditation” by writer Karima Berger (Centre les Étoiles de Fes).

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