WhatsApp: It’s now possible to discreetly leave a group (or almost).

Il est désormais possible de quitter un groupe WhatsApp sans que d
It is now possible to leave a WhatsApp group without other members knowing (©MT / Actu.fr)

An innovation that can avoid many fights. Instant messaging app Share it In recent days, a new update has been rolled out.

The latter allows users who are part of a group to discreetly log out. At least, most members don’t know it. “Only admins will know that a member has left the group,” refers to the same notification that accompanies an app update.

“Some group conversations cannot last forever,” argues WhatsApp Its website.

Other innovations

Despite this drastic change, WhatsApp has announced other important privacy improvements, which the team itself considers. [ses] Genes”.

For example, we can now Choose who sees you online “Knowing when our loved ones are online gives us a sense of connection with others. And yet sometimes we want to check our WhatsApp account intelligently,” notes the company.

We believe that messages and calls should have the same privacy and security as a face-to-face conversation, like two people talking privately.

Share iton his website

Also, you can now select a more or less limited list of people who can or cannot see your presence on the app.

Here is the list of new features that WhatsApp is offering for its latest update.
Here is the list of new features that WhatsApp is offering for its latest update. (©ML / news.fr)

In addition, Snapchat offers a single view on the social network, WhatsApp. Photos that you only see once, then self-destruct. Until now, these elements could be monitored by taking a screenshot.

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Currently in testing phase, the new update will block this functionality to ensure the “single view” service works. “We can’t wait to sort it out,” comments the team.

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