Tunisian astrophysicist Lina Nessib wins 2023 Valley Prize

Tunisian astrophysicist Lina Nessib wins 2023 Valley Prize

Lina is a researcher and professor of particle astrophysics Nessib, has won the prize Valley gift 2023 His studies on dark matter in physics. The Valley gift Provided by “American Body Society(Abs) A person can make a significant impact in their specialty for outstanding scientific contributions to physics early in their career. As the prize winner, Lina Nesib Also called Team member During one of the organized conferences Abs In March or April.

Lina Nesib proved that dark matter leaves behind evidence of its existence. This discovery happened in 2020. When a galaxy is torn apart and stretched, the researcher discovered a massive stellar stream, a kind of ribbon of stars left behind as it orbits the outskirts of the Milky Way.

Lina Nesib is an assistant professor of physics at Massachusetts Company of Technology (MIT) in the US. He has a PhD in Physics from the same institution in 2017 and focuses on high energy physics. Before that, he received in 2012 A degree Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics. Lina Nessib earned her bachelor’s degree in Tunisia before moving to the United States.


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