In Paris, Bloets Maternity Hospital was hit by a computer attack

In Paris, Bloets Maternity Hospital was hit by a computer attack

Vise Society is a cybercriminal group that has targeted several schools and healthcare facilities around the world.

At 12e In the vicinity of Paris, the Bluts maternity hospital is inactive: In a statement, The Pierre-Rouquès-Les Bluets Hospital explains that its computer system was affected by a cyber attack on Sunday, October 9. This private clinic confirms that it will continue to operate, but declares that the tools and services that its employees regularly use have been slowed by the effects of the cyber attack: the press release notes, for example, that the email addresses used by the groups maternity are not working and invites patients to return to other addresses set up by maternity.

In an article from JDD, we learn a little more about the state of the IT services of the establishment: Bluets has thus implemented a “white project”, which allows a certain system to ensure continuity of maintenance in degraded mode. The attack forced the establishment to reduce its reception capacity in the birthing room, which is a centralized monitoring system of babies’ vital functions. In the uterus Disabled by attack. The agency notes that certain advisories, particularly PMAs, will also be cancelled. Other healthcare team tools, such as entry and exit management software or workforce scheduling, were also affected by the attack.

The attackers used ransomware-type software, which was used to encrypt data on the victim’s computer system. Blutz’s press release notes that the attackers also stole data from the establishment’s servers, but at this time, it could not provide the exact nature of the data involved or the identity of the victims. Blutz warns patients against potential phishing attacks or other identity theft attempts that take advantage of data stolen in this attack.

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The Vice Society group was accused of being behind the attack

The establishment points to known ransomware group Vice Society as the author of the attack. In September, the US Cybersecurity Authority released a report on the group, which first appeared in the summer of 2021. Vise Society is a cybercriminal group that has targeted several schools and healthcare institutions around the world. In August 2021, the group was responsible for a computer attack that disabled the Arles Hospital Center and in March 2022, Ajaccio.

Using tactics known as “double extortion,” ransomware involves blocking a target’s systems and threatening to publish stolen data on a website in order to force victims to pay a ransom. .

At this time, the Vice Society did not claim responsibility for the attack on Bluets Maternity Hospital. The Pierre-Rouquès-Les Bluets hospital is not the first healthcare institution to be attacked by a cybercriminal group. In September, the cybercriminal group Lockbit began distributing The data was stolen during the summer at the Sud Francilien Hospital Center in Corbeil-Essonnes. Earlier, hospitals in Dax, Villefranche-sur-Saône and Charleville-Mézières were also attacked by cybercriminal groups in a similar operation.

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