Ministre israélien de l'Agriculture: de belles perspectives de coopération avec le Maroc dans le secteur agricole

Great opportunities for cooperation with Morocco in the agricultural sector

Israel’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Oded Forer, confirmed that there are great opportunities for cooperation with Morocco in the agricultural sector, calling for good investment in the advantages offered by the economies of both countries. .

“We are currently ensuring that the advantages of both countries are utilized in this sector. I recently had a discussion with my Moroccan counterpart via video conference and we discussed the main issues affecting the agricultural sector and the various topics that will be addressed at this conference and various topics of concern to both countries.The Israeli minister said during a press conference in Eilat on Tuesday following the opening of the International Conference on Food Production Technologies from the Sea and the Desert.

“I am pleased with the significant participation of Morocco in this conference, because Morocco has important experiences from which we can benefit, especially in marine research”He declared.

Explaining that this is the first such conference in a region affected by climate change, extreme heat and drought, it is an opportunity to address agricultural issues and discuss ways to guarantee future food. Generations.

Forer stressed that the world is called to address issues related to food security and the climate crisis, and that the conference is an opportunity for discussion, participation and establishing partnerships among regional countries to tackle these issues.

Representing Morocco at the event were Abdelmalek Faraj, Director General of the National Fisheries Research Institute (INRH), Mohamed Itallah, Head of the Institute’s Aquaculture Department, and Majda Marouf, Director of the National Agency for Aquaculture Development (ANDA).

The conference is attended by more than 70 delegates from several countries including Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Malta, Ghana, Singapore, Romania, Netherlands and Australia.

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