American Underdog: The Life of Kurt Warner has a trailer

American Underdog: The Life of Kurt Warner has a trailer

You may know Kurt Warner, the quarterback, and the driver Great show on the lawn In the early 2000s the Rams and Winner of the Super Bowl.

But not everyone knows the path Warner took before living up to great glory in the NFL.

Last summer, We learned there was a movie coming out about his life, and this winter was the story of his lifeAmerican Underdog will hit our screens.

Meanwhile, the trailer makes us drool.

American Underdog, Trailer

It was Kurt Warner who took to his social media to spread the good news, but the trailer was false Even on YouTube.

The film will no doubt cover all the pitfalls in Warner’s path and how he was a clerk at a grocery store when the doors of the NFL seemed to be closing in front of him.

It’s Warner’s story is a story. Undeniable proof of resilience.

We can’t wait to see the film, especially since actor Zachary Levy still looks like Warner.

Credit: Michael Kubeisy/Lionsgate

Add this movie to your list of holiday activities to do with your family.

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