At work, do you have to put your emotions aside?

At work, do you have to put your emotions aside?

Even in the office our emotions are useful…the organization of work lends itself to it. Credit Rogerphoto/Adobe.

Psychology – Emotions can be perceived as dangerous or as a matter of desirable intelligence for the organization. So it is necessary to pay attention to it.

Breaking down in tears after a bitter exchange with a co-worker, getting angry at a boss who mistreats you, showing your anguish at the prospect of a reassignment…emotions are rarely felt in the business world. “Disclosing them can make you look weak, less professional and less confident in the eyes of colleagues. writes Aurélie Jeantet, sociologist and author of the book Emotions at work (CNRS). Those who express their emotions in a conflicting or different way in the group may be allowed by exclusion. Used more vigorously against a pessimist “Good Girls”. At the same time, some companies value emotional intelligence, a mental skill defined by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer in 1990. It consists of perceiving, recognizing, understanding and using one’s emotional states. “To solve problems and regulate behavior…

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