Google’s incognito mode is so bad that people are suing it

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Google Chrome’s incognito mode isn’t as secure as the company claims.

When you switch to private browsing, are you really protected? This is the latest case to tarnish Google’s image after a survey revealed that Chrome is the browser most prone to security breaches. This time, its private browsing mode (also known as incognito mode) is questionable. In email exchanges reported by a company engineer in 2018, we found that even internally, the tool was not unanimous.

“We need to stop calling it ‘private browsing’ and stop using the spy icon”

Displayed as Safe Mode, Google’s Private Browsing does not block ad companies Track your online activities. Definitely, this mode will allow you to not save your browsing history. “We’re limited in how we can promote private browsing because it’s not really private. It forces us to use vague language and red herrings“Lorraine Duhill, Google’s marketing manager, expressed regret in an email sent to Sundar Pichai. Bloomberg.

with An accessible IP Google, which continues to collect information about your online life, is anonymous only under GAFAM’s unique browsing name. Internally, while Google employees have gone so far as to be conflicted about the situation, revelations about the latter are not really public. After recommending in 2021 “Make incognito mode truly private“In an internal memo, the web giant is now the target of a complaint for false advertising.

The US company’s case is up to the courts to decide, with 56.3% of internet users polling (wrongly) believing that private browsing prevents Google from tracking their activities. To rule on the case, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers (who previously handled the Apple-Fortnite case) will have to decide whether or not the company’s communication surrounding its incognito mode was false.

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