The Watcher review: Another exceptional series from Ryan Murphy?

The new look creation has just been removed Dahmer It was the world’s most watched series on Netflix for weeks! So Ryan Murphy achieves a feat by having his last two works in the top ten.

The Watcher woos subscribers of the American company Especially since the scene is inspired by true events… The psychological thriller tells the story of an American family who decide to move into a wonderful house, unaware that a psychopath has taken over the house and is willing to do anything to make it. let go To make matters worse, the new neighbor’s behavior is very strange.

Reviews of The Watcher were mixed So a new original creation can do better than the story Jeffrey Dahmer ? Only time will tell, but by becoming the most watched series in the world, it risks being massively watched by two hundred million subscribers.

The main criticism from the audience was that the lack of scary scenes and the disappointing ending were confusing but overall, Reviews from The Watcher were overwhelmingly positive. Miniseries will give you a great time but if you are really scared and live alone then avoid watching this thriller. If you have already finished the series, you can check out our article specially dedicated to Season 2.

I expected The Watcher on Netflix to deliver thrilling thrills, with the source material being delightfully dark and directed by Ryan Murphy. But the result was not good. »

A pretty solid thriller/psychological horror film based on a true story. I give it 8/10. The only thing holding it back from the heights is that there aren’t really any scary scenes. »

First of all, I can’t believe it’s based on true events because America is a sick place because the show isn’t good enough to keep you going, what this family went through is nothing but trauma, the ending is a bit confusing 8/10. »

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