MetaQuest Pro: Targeted Advertising Thanks to Eye Tracking?

MetaQuest Pro: Targeted Advertising Thanks to Eye Tracking?

For now, in Meta, the metaverse is a lot of money invested, but no return yet. Mark Zuckerberg’s new craze is attracting skeptics and criticism, but the company is convinced and recently announced its new virtual reality headset, the MetaQuest Pro. According to some reports, the company will consider using all available data to satisfy its business model based on targeted advertising, starting with eye tracking.

Thus Meta has published a privacy policy related to Quest Pro. The Document Explain: “We collect additional data about how you use your headset (including eye tracking) to meta-personalize your experiences and improve MetaQuest.” If the company does not expressly mention targeted advertising, the terms used, etc “Personalize your experiences” See Mark Zuckerberg and his collaborators most of the time.

Eye tracking data can then be used “To understand whether people interact with an ad or not”Meta’s head of global affairs, Nick Clegg, explained in an interview Financial Times. Combined with algorithms to read users’ emotions and interests in their eyes, such data could bring targeted advertising into a field that has not yet been explored. But to capitalize on this data, Meta must succeed in creating something other than marketing hype for its Metaverse. The public must also believe.

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