Warrior Nun Season 2: The series returns to Netflix in November

Warrior Nun saison 2

After years of waiting (thanks to a health crisis) Warrior Nun season 2 will be online soon On the streaming platform with the red logo! The official trailer was released on social media and Netflix took the opportunity to announce the return of the original to its subscribers. Thursday, November 10, 2022 !

Directed by Simon Barry, the series was a hit with the public when it was added to the US company’s roster in the summer of 2020. The wait is incredibly long because production has slowed drastically due to the health crisis and this kind of fiction requires a huge amount of work, especially due to special effects.

Season 2 of Warrior Nun is not split into two parts as we were led to believe, so ten new episodes will be available exclusively on Netflix from November 10, 2022. We still don’t know if the third season will start soon, but we will definitely have to wait to see the reception that will be assigned to this new part. In the meantime, you can find “On the Altar of the Family,” a new original Spanish work released online on Netflix.

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