The secret life of these spiders that don't leave us with a frown...

The secret life of these spiders that don’t leave us with a frown…

It is now common knowledge that we are not alone in our bodies. But when we talk about the other organisms we live with, the microbes and bacteria that contribute to our biological balance and in our digestive system – the popular “gut flora” – or help us survive. Helps maintain a healthy immune system. However, other creatures, even stranger, on our skin, mainly on our face, whatever The frequency of our washes, Scrubs and other exfoliants.

Specifically, they are two species of the genus Demodexwhose nicknames Folliculorum And Brevis. At high enough magnification, they look like eight-legged worms and… spiders. These tiny microscopic beasts, 300 to 400 microns Demodex folliculorum, 150 and 200 microns Demodex brevis, Belonging to the large family of insects, they are relatives of spiders.

We have nothing Demodex At birth but they start from our mother’s skin and spread from our earliest days, a phenomenon that leaves no one behind. They live mainly in the pores of the skin. Demodex folliculorum As its name suggests, it favors the follicles, the medium around our hair and hair roots. Demodex brevis, he likes the depth of holes. Their imp

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