Moroccan photographers and videographers showcase their work in Washington


Nineteen Moroccan photographers and videographers exhibit their work in Washington during the annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.IMF) will be held from October 10 to 16.

The joint exhibition is part of a communication plan developed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to ensure the promotion of Morocco as the host country for the meetings of these two organizations in October 2023. In Marrakesh.

The exhibition presents a new look at Morocco, Yasin Alao Ismaili, its coordinator for MAP, said in a statement.

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These are works that emerge from classic clichés about Morocco to immortalize the profound changes that Moroccan society is experiencing.,” he asserted.

Organized simultaneously at the headquarters of the World Bank and the IMF, the exhibition reflects Morocco’s movement through breathtaking images that reveal an unprecedented sense of movement. ” Focusing on urban Morocco, it is indeed a new way of reimagining and promoting Morocco through photography.“The works on display invite visitors to a visual journey into the new Morocco, its people and its unique landscapes,” noted the artist-photographer.

Bringing together experienced and budding photographers and videographers, the exhibition also highlights the development of the Kingdom’s visual arts, Mr. Ismaili added. During this world conference, which marks the return to face-to-face form after the pandemic, a great plan to promote the kingdom is set at the headquarters of two international organizations in the heart of Washington.

A number of key activities highlight Morocco’s economic, touristic and cultural attractiveness and provide a foretaste of the expected delegations of member states at the annual meetings of the two organizations scheduled for next year in the city of Ocher.

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