Do you know the electric weather forecast Ecowatt?

Do you know the electric weather forecast Ecowatt?
Reduce Consumption During Ecowatt Alert (Photo Credit: Adobe Stock - )

Reduce Consumption During Ecowatt Alert (Photo Credit: Adobe Stock – )

The Ecowatt platform was set up to help individuals and businesses reduce their consumption and alert them when there is a risk of power outages.

A network under close surveillance

“Winter is coming”, we have been told repeatedly for weeks that winter is coming and the potential blackouts in the French grid.

RTE (Electricity Transport Network) Ecowatt has set up an electricity weather forecast, as efforts must be collective to avoid these cuts.

The principle is simple: on a voluntary basis, fill in your email or mobile to receive alerts to know the status of the network voltage forecast:

  • Green signal: All is well, nationally we consume reasonably well and production margins are adequate.
  • Orange sign: Available reserves are very low and we use as much as we produce or import. Actions such as voltage reduction are carried out to restore adequate margins.
  • The signal is red : France does not have enough electricity to meet all needs, and everyone is encouraged to take steps to reduce their consumption, otherwise local cuts can be organized for a maximum of two hours. All information is sent in real time by Ecowatt so that everyone can organize themselves.

What to do if an orange or red signal occurs?

To avoid local cuts, once the orange signal is activated, everyone is invited to adjust to ease tensions in the network.

website It lists environmental gestures that can make a difference for individuals, businesses and communities, such as avoiding charging your devices or turning on your machine between 8am and 1pm and 6pm and 8pm.

Equipping yourself with low-energy LED lighting is one way to save money year-round.

On a larger scale, ask yourself about your home’s energy consumption and, if necessary, begin work on improving its energy footprint. To allow you to finance this work under good conditions, there are specific loans such as the environmentally responsible personal loan offered by Boursorama Banque.

If registration for site alerts (especially risks of network outages) is only on request, on the other hand, from October 3, 2022, France Télévisions weather reports inform the public of general forecasts for following the Ecowatt pictogram. in days.

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