When science looks at women’s ability to multitask

When science looks at women's ability to multitask




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A. Carré-Guillem, L. Brisson, N. Jayer – France Info

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A received idea still circulates today: women are multitaskers. But is this really the case?

It’s an old cliché about women. Unlike men, they have the ability to multitask. Can we say that this stereotype is based on a biological reality? This debate is not new. The first scientific study to theorize this idea was proposed in 1982 by two American researchers working on the brain. They think that women can freely control their two hemispheres and therefore multitask. These decisions have now been challenged.

A 2018 study concludes on this topic: “We found no difference between males and females in terms of serial multitasking abilities.” So this stereotype is not scientifically proven.

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