Uber Files whistleblower threatens to quash European Parliament inquiry – EURACTIV.com

Uber Files whistleblower threatens to quash European Parliament inquiry - EURACTIV.com

The Uber Files whistleblower is set to speak to Uber’s European director of public policy, Zuzana Púciková, at a European Parliament hearing that will leave her “without protection According to a letter obtained by EURACTIV.

The letter, signed by Jennifer Gibson, Legal Director of Signals Network, was sent to the European Parliament’s Employment Committee Chair, Drakos Bislaru.

The commission’s recommended design would require Mr Makhan to share public space with the company [Uber] It is at the heart of his revelations“, can we read in the letter.

She adds that “That would expose him to additional and unnecessary trauma and send a confusing signal: the European Parliament does not respect or protect whistleblowers.“.

The hearing, scheduled for October 25, is part of wider European negotiations on a directive on platform workers, which aims to provide legal clarity on the wage eligibility of these workers.

Mr. MacGann will attend “Ensure policy makers have the information they need to better understand how sites work based on his significant professional experience“The letter says.

Mr Machan was asked to participate in a debate with Uber’s Ms Púcikova, former Uber driver Brahim Ben Ali and assistant professor Andrea Nastez, as European Parliament officials spoke to EURACTIV.

All speakers will have seven minutes to speak, a big change from the original plan, which left Mark McCon as the keynote speaker.

The existing board is completely unethicalGreen MEP Kim van Sparrendak has opened a dialogue with Mr Macken, told EURACTIV.

Our colleagues at Renew Europe insisted on having a “balanced debate” because they were concerned about inviting Mr Macken.He added, the new agenda cannot be accepted.

We do our best to accommodate Mark McCann’s requests and fully respect the rights of whistleblowersBizlaru’s CEO Bodken Telenu told EURACTIV.

No decision has yet been made, and according to parliamentary procedures, the way forward must be agreed by the co-ordinators of the employment committee.»

Emmanuel Macron at the center of the “Uber Files” revelations

The “Uber Files”, a massive press investigation released on Sunday, reveals how then-Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron implicitly supported the establishment of US VTC company Uber in France.

A source familiar with the negotiations said that pushing for negotiations on the Platform Workers Directive as the committee’s agenda was part of the left-wing MEPs’ political game.is yet to be finalised“.

However, “When I raised these issues at the EMPL secretariat [commission de l’emploi]I was told there was nothing I could doMr. Gibson added. If another panel format is not available, “Apart from reconsidering his decision to appear before your committee, Mr“.

Uber announced in a public statement that “Welcomes the opportunity to participate in the discussion“, pointing to it”We ask the public to decide what we are going to do in the coming years“.

A meeting of European Parliament coordinators is due next Monday (October 17) to finalize the plan for the inquiry.

The “Uber Files” scandal at the center of Mark McCon revealed in July 2022 that French President Emmanuel Macron actively supported the establishment of American ride-sharing company Uber in France when he was economy minister between 2014 and 2014. 2016 – by going against decisions taken by his own government.

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