The Top 4 Hacks to Make Your Small Business Go Viral

In 2014, when Facebook spent around $16 billion to buy WhatsApp, the public was shocked by the enormous price tag. A superb example of a really viral product, it benefits not just the first user but also their network of family, friends, and coworkers as word of mouth spreads. 

Success at becoming viral online is a mix of science and chance. So, how do you make your small business go viral so that it may be shared around your clients’ social circles? Instead of using a referral network or asking for “likes” and “reviews,” you can give your business a clever viral twist by following these hacks:

1. We’re all better off if we share.

What aspects of your product or service are most important to current customers and those they tell about it? Is price as much of an issue as it is in the lengthy calling industry, or is something else, like access to premium services, more crucial? If you can crack this, you’ll have a useful tool for promoting viral spread.

2. Make the act of sharing more meaningful to the receiver.

Coca-Cola is well-known for its emotional advertisements, which have done anything from popularizing the current image of Santa Claus to educating the globe on the joys of singing. Recently, the business added a viral twist to this emotional appeal by substituting thousands of names for the iconic Coke logo on bottles and cans. All successful products evoke feelings in their customers. To what extent are you able to use yours as a growth driver? You could also think about adding something new to your service’s user experience that will give people a personal reason to tell others about it.

3. Emphasize digital marketing.

Build a successful marketing plan by seeing yourself as a member of your target audience. Write tweets you’d find interesting, blog posts you’d spend time reading, and ebooks that provide information you know your audience would find useful. If you want to succeed at digital marketing, you need to make sure that every piece of content can be understood by the average reader. To improve Google SEO rankings, it’s best to stick to a writing style appropriate for readers in the sixth through eighth grades while crafting new pieces of content.

4. Make it easy for others to learn about your product’s value.

GoPro is a manufacturer of compact video cameras for use by athletes who want to record their performances. While GoPro’s technology is remarkable, the company’s transition into a viral brand is largely due to the exciting content in its online movies and in-store exhibitions. Unfortunately, many products overlook the potential added value of encouraging user-to-user interaction instead of focusing only on the product’s intended functionality. To achieve your goals, you should consider making helping others a priority. How does your business become the one that spreads the information that its users share?

If your business doesn’t go viral gradually, don’t give up on it. All that’s required is some out-of-the-box brainstorming.

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