The Pixel 7 Pro battery is fine… as long as you leave it in the sun

The Pixel 7 Pro battery is fine... as long as you leave it in the sun

Tests of the all-new Pixel 7 Pro show its screen is particularly power-hungry when placed in direct sunlight. A drawback that matters to some.

Google Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

The Google Pixel 7 Pro screen is very bright, perhaps too bright. when Our testWe measured a peak brightness of over 1300 nits, making it the brightest smartphone to send to the editorial office. iPhone 14 Pro (and Pro Max)

This shouldn’t be a problem with the latest screen technologies available, but the Pixel 7 Pro is relatively underperforming in the rankings at this point.

A very greedy screen

During our testing of the Pixel 7 Pro, we noticed that the battery was melting more than usual as our screen tests were performed at maximum brightness. This should have given us as much warning as journalists XDA.

The latter observed that the autonomy of the Pixel 7 Pro was very good Pixel 6 Pro, if you are indoors. A short drive in the open and the battery drains to 10% in 15 minutes. So they measured the phone’s consumption.

By displaying a 100% white screen, the Pixel 7 Pro consumes 3.4 to 4 W for 600 nits of brightness. In comparison, under the same conditions, the Pixel 6 Pro consumes 2.9 W and the Galaxy S22 Plus Boosting up to 2 W at 1000 nits, the Pixel 7 Pro uses 50% more than the 6 W or 4 W of the Galaxy S22 Plus.

Is this a real problem?

On its own, it’s true that the screen has more use in equal conditions than the competition, especially since its autonomy is not exceptional (not bad) and its charge is particularly slow for a phone. However, we didn’t notice any particularly power-intensive behavior on the Pixel 7 Pro, even outdoors.

During testing, the Pixel 7 Pro was used as a GPS outdoors several times, with the screen constantly lighting up. One day, it was used to guide me for over an hour and a half while I was cycling through the streets of Paris. I ended my day without sticking my phone to the wall to charge. However, it is worth trying the experience again in mid-summer…

And the Pixel 7?

XDA also ran tests to verify that this issue affects the entire range Pixel 7. It does not suffer from the same problem, so its consumption is consistent according to the special media.

Now it remains to be seen if Pixel 7 Pro’s LTPO is a screen-related flaw or poor software optimization that can be fixed with a simple update. Either way, Google’s new flagship is a fly in the ointment.

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