Dwayne Johnson will never wear Rolex watches again for a specific reason

Actor, wrestler, entrepreneur, businessman or producer, Dwayne Johnson is always very busy. The advantage of these multiple activities is that he earns a lot of money. A member of the list of highest paid actors in the world, the man also known as “The Rock” owns an estimated net worth of 800 million dollars. Franchise star Oprah Winfrey in an interview Fast and Furious He believed in his teenage dreams. For him, like many others, buying a Rolex watch was synonymous with success. “When I was 13 or 14 years old, in my head, a Rolex was a symbol of success. Over the years, for me, it was really clear. If you were successful, you had a Rolex studded with diamonds,” explains the American actor.

So when he begins to build a good life, Dwayne Johnson decides to give in to temptation regardless of the consequences. “In 1999, I was like, ‘Okay, here we go. I mention that at the time I was still living in an apartment and I paid my rent every month. “, he says. Before adding: “Really, it was a terrible financial decision! That’s what not to do! But I thought I was going to spend some money, so I bought myself a Rolex.

Rock Rolex was completely destroyed

A few months later, at the end of a wrestling event organized by WWE (an American company specializing in organizing wrestling events), the athlete found his wristwatch completely crushed, carelessly stepped on by other participants. A situation that had a clicking effect for The Rock: “I found my Rolex around the ring and I went into the locker room and looked at it. She was devastated and it broke my heart. I came home that night and immediately remembered, ‘That’s a sign, I don’t need it.’ It was not useful to me at the time and I never bought it after that. ”, says American star Oprah Winfrey into the microphone.

A teenage dream quickly became superfluous and allowed the great The Rock to understand that the value of success is not necessarily measured by material things. Although he now wears another watch, a green Tag Heuer.


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