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This year 2022 Amazon has surprised the world. Usually, the US e-merchant offers only one Prime Day a year in the middle of summer. But this year is different from other years. Indeed, inflation has affected all countries of the world and the prices of energy, raw materials and daily consumer goods explode in a matter of months, severely affecting the purchasing power of households.

The American company wants to do something to prevent its loyal customers from leaving some fun purchases in the high-tech world, but to postpone the update of some devices that start sticking out their tongues. After years of use.

So Prime Day lives for a second edition this year, and it starts today Tuesday, October 11 from midnight! By the time you read these lines, the first ads will already be placed online by an online retailer, and you can now use your morning coffee to grab good deals.

The first day will extend into the second and final day Wednesday, October 12 at 11:59 p.m. Then it will unfortunately be too late, and prices will recover by a few tens or even hundreds of euros.

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