How to Talk to Loved Ones About Depression

How to Talk to Loved Ones About Depression

A depressed patient must reassure his children that his apathy has nothing to do with them. Adobe stock

Psychology – It is important to put words about the disease to facilitate the understanding and empathy of those around you.

An operating room. The surgeon removes the oxygen mask from the patient lying in front of him, whose pulse begins to accelerate. Beep Beep. “He doesn’t look so bad! I think the heart transplant will be a bit longer”The doctor opened up to his team members in the operating room and was shocked. “You don’t need that!” A little sport and you’ll be much better »He tells the patient that he dies within seconds.

This awareness video of Basic Trust, available on Youtube since 2019, absurdly proves that if depression is not taken seriously, the consequences can be fatal. A necessary reminder, because entourages tend to downplay illness, causing personal guilt. “Go for a walk, it’s good for the mood”, “take responsibility”, “hanging on the bed will not help to get out of it”: comments of loved ones often betray their incomprehensibility in the face of a pathology.

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