Sean and Marne. Climbing and escape games meet in incredible settings worthy of Disney

The realism of the sets is stunning
SKpad offers stunningly realistic scenery ©Le Tan Quoc Dung

The adventure begins in 2019 SK pad. Former property manager HSBCFrance, the then managing director of MFS Investment Management, an American firm. Alain Dupierre He spent many years traveling the world for his work in finance. A life that can create more than one dream, but often takes him away from his wife and three children.

“A Project Like Me”

A situation where the father of the family quits his job and chooses to settle in a radical way. But rather than being made on a whim, the decision was actually the result of a long reflection: “It was in my head for years, and then in September 2019 I took the step to sign a contract termination with my employer. It made me think. A project like mine “, he explains.

Always at the front of the stage to organize games and other treasure hunts during birthdays, Alain Dupierre discovered the world of climbing in 2010. Chamois-sur-Seine (Seine-et-Marne), in the Fontainebleau area. Then an idea struck him: “Why not combine these two passions? “.

“The click happened when I took my kids to a big climbing gym in Fontainebleau. Despite the size of the room, I realized that children get bored very quickly. I started hiding a bottle cap at the top of the climbing block and they loved it,” he says.

Little by little, the idea matured and Alain Dubier began to imagine A concept mixed with climbing and puzzle games : “Inevitably, this opened up the universeEscape game. I’ve never done this before, so the project was really a leap into the unknown,” he admits.

Then comes the position of finding a place, so that SKpad (the pad one lands on when climbing, SK comes from the sound at the beginning of the words “climbing” and “escape-game”) comes true. And it should Champagne-sur-SeineNear Moret, in the pre-owned premisesJeumont-Schneider plant Alain Dubier will finally find his happiness.

Life is more real than decorations

In fact, the immense height under the ceiling and the size of the space allowed his imagination to run wild, helped well by those close to him: “The chance I got was that my older brother’s childhood friend had a project. The manager. Disneyland. Thanks to him and his many friends who work for it Asterix Park And Puy du Fou, we managed to make Amazing 3D backgroundsBreeding In the forest or a CaveWith a level of detail that we are very proud of,” he says.

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For several months, together with an architect friend for the design of different locations, Alain Dupierre will spend more than ten hours every day with his own hands to create each room of this escape game with a unique concept in France.

You have to search Dr. Stone, a great expert in archeology who disappeared several weeks ago, meets from Tuesday to Sunday at 1, rue de Normandie, Champagne-sur-Seine, when he is assigned to find the famous philosopher’s stone. Fear not for those who have never climbed, SKpad is open to everyone (ages 10 and up).

Address: 1, rue de Normandie, 77430 Champagne-sur-Seine Website: Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, 10am to 8pm and Friday to Sunday, 10am to midnight until 10 a.m. Duration of the game: 1 hour 20 minutes Number of players: 3 to 6 10 years old Prices: €35 (€25 for children under 16)

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