Too bad news for the future?

Too bad news for the future?

This season, ASSE plays in Ligue 2 BKT with a strong ambition to return to Ligue 1 as soon as possible. Laurent Batlles’ side, who have been struggling in the standings since the start of this season, also play a role in the club’s survival financially. Although the Forez club has been on sale for months. A very delicate plan for the current administration to negotiate, this sales item may experience a very dangerous turnaround.

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Will AS Saint-Étienne win promotion to Ligue 1 at the end of this season? 2nd biggest budget in the second division championship behind Girondins de Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne residents are under an economic obligation to fulfill their mission. At the same time, management has been looking for a solution to sell the club for almost a year and the file is dragging on. Several investors have already shown interest. Returning to the heart of the news this weekend, the renewed sales may disappoint Green Party supporters.

The most dangerous proposition?

when Several investors had already pitched themselves to the current owners of AS Saint-Étienne last season, until then all plans were rejected. At times the training of young players appeared to be a priority, with recruitment promised by other parties. today, Blockapital is said to be the name of the American company behind the club’s most recent takeover plan. The organization specializes in real estate investment thanks to tokens. By December, their ambition will be to raise almost 100 million euros to buy the Saint-Etienne club outright. Token equivalent (1 million tokens).

This plan, based on short-term profits, does not appear to be the path favored by the club’s current owners. effect, The risk would be significant given the economic model of this company, and reluctance would be in order. In the long run, such a plan loses credibility and will lead the club to a worse position than it finds itself today. According to information from Poteaux Carrés, This track should find a response soon, while sales are yet to be recorded.

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