Facebook lets you choose which posts you want to see the most


Facebook is rolling out a new system to further refine the News Feed. That might be interesting.

As revenues have been declining in recent months, Facebook It had to shut down many unpopular or unpopular apps to focus on its core services. For example, the American company decided to update the news feed, giving users the opportunity See more or less publications Friends, groups and other pages. This will allow user comments to be incorporated into scores for later feeds [les] Smarter and more responsive artificial intelligence systems,” the Menlo Park company explains in a blog post.

Facebook is rolling out a new system to further refine the News Feed

Currently, the Facebook app only lets you hide posts from people you follow and posts that are recommended to you. Now, the new system will allow you to “see more” or “see less” this content for relative or suggested posts. Doing so not only changes the content of your feed, but also improves the artificial intelligence algorithms applied to the feed.

The setting is displayed “in rotation” across posts in the feed, and the same setting can be accessed on each post by tapping the three small dots menu in the top-right corner of the screen. The American company is also testing this feature on its Reels short videos.

It might be interesting

Additionally, Facebook is experimenting with a global menu to customize how many posts you see from your friends and family, groups, pages and other public figures. You can quickly select “Normal”, “See more” or “See less” content of this category. It appears with feed options like Favorites, Temporarily Hide, Unsubscribe and Resume Contact.

With these changes, Facebook seems to be addressing one of the most common user complaints: too many “junk” posts in feeds. Given the number of ads in feeds (and even more coming to Instagram and Reels), parent company Meta has a vested interest in making sure users are happy with this content.

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