Who was this healthy young woman who was euthanized at the age of 23?

Who was this healthy young woman who was euthanized at the age of 23?

On March 22, 2016, Santi de Corte was scheduled to go to Rome on a graduation trip. For this, he was in the departure hall at the Brussels-National Airport with 90 students from the Sint-Rita College in Cantich, in the province of Antwerp. Because she was going to have a good time, The young woman was the victim of the attack. When the terrorists detonated the bombs, Shanti de Korte was a few meters away from them and miraculously survived. Do not hurt physically. However, the moral implications remained, and the young woman spoke to a high school psychologist about it. “Some students react worse than others to traumatic events. Having interviewed her twice, I can say that Shanti de Korte is one of those weaker students.“, She first explained before adding: “To me, it’s clear that she already had serious psychological problems before the attack. So I sent her to psychiatry“. A few weeks later, Shanti de Court was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The media explained that it was a familiar environment as she had stayed there before the attack. I take many medications at breakfast. and up to 11 antidepressants per day. I can’t live without it.”, He mentioned the young woman on his Facebook account. (…)

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