Origin of DoME, in Grande Savane au Prêcheur

Origin of DoME, in Grande Savane au Prêcheur

Yesterday in Grande Savane au Prêcheur, the DoME opened. On the side of Mount Pelee, this exceptional site is built around an exhibition space, an illustrated promenade and accommodation area.

With teaching tools or a 360-degree orientation table, the site encourages discovery of volcanoes, biodiversity and astronomy.

Marceline Nadeau, currently Member of Parliament for the North, worked hard to develop the project when she was mayor of Le Brecher.

It is a balanced space between the imperatives of environmental development and economic development. It was a project to popularize scientific culture, an element that strengthened the appeal of the North in general. I believe it may be necessary to set up a network of equipment and spaces dedicated to these issues of volcanology, geology, fauna and flora.

The framework aims to promote natural heritage, create awareness on sustainable development and popularize scientific knowledge.

Bruno Nestor Azeroth, President of Cape Nord, is happy to implement such an instrument.

It is very new to have such a system which is different from what we know. It can stimulate other desires, other dynamic interests. We often think of the North as a neglected territory. By attracting our visitors, we provide economic activity to our actors in the region. All these contribute to a unique tourism offer. This is the development of ecotourism in the North. I think we need that in the times we’re going through

Adjacent to the rainforest, the site is a notable observation site for the ecosystem, day and night skies.

It is designed for school students, local and foreign tourists and scientists. The cost of the project is 3 million euros. It was funded by Europe, State, Cape Nord and CTM.

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